Hello and welcome to my website. It’s all pretty standard nonsense right now, alas I’m getting there. Almost forgot my name – Jack Harrison Murphy-Jones and born in the tender year of 1994.. Where I grew up and live now is irrelevant for now (United Kingdom), but what you should know is I’ve been raised by an outstanding family and grown wiser with an incredible friendship and support group.

I’m postgraduate in Film and Journalism with my focus being more on the post-production side of things, always considering my options carefully for the inevitable life ahead. I’m most comfortable and determined editing, yet I still make time for my own modest short videos on the side.

Always the creative type I loved stories from an early age… I owe a lot to my Primary School, but Secondary School was when I truly began to understand that work doesn’t have to be boring – I can do something I love as long as I strive for it. Many years ago I was a Cub Scout, this made me work well dependant on others and really build up a good team connection.

The opportunity to gain work experience at British Sky Broadcasting has occurred on a couple of occasions and really gave me a satisfying taste of post-education life… apart from a squid-ink calamari dish I got in the canteen there; along with placements at smaller production companies with big ambitions around the South West as well as helping like-minded individuals on their productions.

This website is a means for me to present my ambition and expertise in both filmmaking and writing, essentially a portfolio which I hope you choose to follow. That is about all I can think up now for this About section of the website, but I can assure you that this website will continue to blossom into something beautiful even if I’m not.

Feel free to connect with me on any of my social media links, or even better send me an email via the Contact tab up above!

Always a pleasure Internet,


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