My First Music Video – One Squeeze by The ROK Band

I was extremely fortunate to be a part of this project, it really gave me a good insight into what being a Director of Photography and Editor would be like working for a branded company. ROK Kitchen Tools, formally known as Presso were releasing a new Espresso maker and wanted to create media advertisements for the product. The ROK team are passionate about coffee, food and music. The Espresso maker was released in October 2012. Read on to see how I became a part of the team…

It came about fairly randomly in early 2012, roughly February time. A colleague of mines dad was part of the ROK team and mentioned vaguely that they were discussing ways in which they could promote this new mystery product they would reveal: could it be a toaster? Wooden spoon? I had no idea, but I and my colleague friend (Olly Green) began to discuss ways of promotion; Olly was very into music being a member of a band and owning a wide variety of instruments… mixed with my passion for filmmaking, a music video seemed the perfect combination.

I was meeting up with Olly, his dad Mark, and a couple of his band members working on lyrics to coincide with the release of this new product. The product was revealed to us to be the espresso maker; we began to create mind boards to discuss what was so popular online as this was the format media is most present on today. We agreed something somewhat sexual, funny and completely bonkers was what we would hope to incorporate. We began to write lyrics, drink beer and search for a lead singer.

The month was May, we were informed the product would release towards the end of the year, I was going to Leeds Metropolitan University in September so I set myself a deadline of July-August time. We had found our lead singer in Josephine White, a young woman from London who had worked on a few songs and plays in her time; she had a great voice from what I had heard. I had been coming up with ideas for the music video such as having it look as though it were filmed in a studio surrounded in light rigs and wiring. Olly, his band members were emailing back and forth with Josie for the lyrics and decided to meet to record a demo.

June was here and we had formed a team of Olly the guitarist, Myself the director, Josie the singer, Lewis the drummer and Robin the bassist. Mark was still very present calling me to inform me of what was happening with project and location scouting for a studio. Josie had come up from London to record a demo, which I was only able to meet up with briefly but the lyrics and band sounded great. I had created a few storyboards for the video (unfortunately I cannot find these anywhere!) and everything was looking up for the deadline.


It was the 8th August, the song had been recorded and it sounded exactly like what we were hoping to get. We had booked a day at White Room Studios in Birmingham from 7am till 10pm, we had roughly about nine team members all coming together on the project and I had to put on some big shoes as I was going to be practically in charge. We were transporting instruments, props, cameras, tripods, computers and much more technical mumbo jumbo. We used about three different rooms in the studio to conceive this hip, somewhat erotic music video about an espresso maker. I took about 10 videos using a Canon EOS-7D for each different shot, from different angles, focusing on specific band members. We also had Mark’s daughter Zoe filming a behind-the-scenes film (I also cannot find this). The day was an absolute blast, I enjoyed every moment of it, even through the strenuous times of repeating takes and hearing that same song about coffee all day.

ROK had ordered Mark for the music video to be finished by September 22nd, he tasked me with editing the footage solo and put all clips, the song and effects together in one short music video 3 minutes or under. I achieved this whilst at University using a trial of Sony Vegas Pro.

Overall the project came together just how we planned, perhaps there were a few differences we had, but we all gave our best and were satisfied with the final project. I was given £100, a tripod and a dominos pizza for my efforts as both director and editor; yet the most rewarding thing about being a part of this was having something to attach my name too. I am extremely proud of what came out of this and hope people enjoy the final video conjured up.


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