Residents of Halls Documentary Pitch

A documentary informing young people of the costs for current University accommodations seeking out the pros and cons; touching briefly on University costs. This will include insights from someone looking to go University, current students and residential advisors.


Our main target audience is people looking to go University, yet we believe it is important for a universal audience such as parents, guardians and current students as they are all involved with the process of moving to University. We don’t intend to answer our own question, but to leave the viewer to make their own decision.


“Is Student accommodation worth the costs?”

Structure / Techniques

  • Voiceover commentary (used throughout documentary)
  • Graphics (price of each accommodation showing up)
  • Reporter off-screen (will never be seen, however may be heard asking questions)
  • Interviewees (answering information as well as own opinions)
  • Exterior shots
  • Soundtrack (copyright-free music)


5-6 minutes in length as want the documentary to be fairly fast paced, yet with a good source of information to not detract the viewer.


We plan to give the audience a reasonable amount of factual information on two different accommodations with current student opinions as well as accommodation employees to have their say on the matter. For the end, it will be down to the viewer to decide their own answer for the subject.


  • Students
  • Residential Officers
  • Accommodation Managers

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