The Best Films I Watched in 2016

I watched a healthy selection of films this year, many classics but also quite a few new releases. Usually with my housemates watching a rash choice of mine, forcing my brother to jam with me and watch or occasionally at the cinema – depending on the release.

2016, what a year it’s been. Full of the usual ups and downs of every year. But let’s not dwell on the negative, because actually a great deal of satisfying films have been released.

Just remember now that this is my list, if you’ve got a problem with it – leave a constructive comment. All these films were ones I watched this year and which were released this year in the UK.

Don’t Breathe

Green Room – BEST FILM

The Jungle Book

The Nice Guys

The Revenant

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


10 Cloverfield Lane

Honourable Mentions: Before the Flood, Deadpool and My Scientology Movie.


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